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Date: 2022-06-15

Collaboration with Coke Studio Bangla

AUST Cultural Club (AUSTCC) had experienced a significant event of the beginning of June, 2022. This event was initiated by Coke Studio Bangla with a vision to reach the youth and create a sense of cultural coherence amongst them. Grey Advertising Bangladesh Limited was assigned to select only the most prestigious educational institutes to engage for a digital and on-ground campaign with university students. AUST Cultural Club, being a symbol of youth and spearheading the banner of cultural expression took this opportunity with open arms.

Coke studio Bangla were looking for content that is related to the music they had released. Keeping that in mind we tried to showcase the best talents of AUST through a Flash mob and Song Cover. More than 100 students were direct participants of this event, with direct supervision from AUSTCC. The program was a great success with massive appreciation from students and teachers in general. Our videos had become viral instantly. The quality of our work and execution was also top notch.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the consent and guidance of The Advisor of Students’ Welfare and The Proctor Team. ASW & Proctor team has given us utmost support in every step while ensuring all the protocols were maintained. We, AUSTCC thank them wholeheartedly for their trust in us.

Click Here To Watch the Flash Mob

Click Here To Watch the Song Cover