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AUST Ahsanullah (R.) Peace Club (AUSTARPC)

AUST Ahsanullah (R.) Peace Club (AUSTARPC)

The main motto of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology Ahsanullah (R.) Peace Club is "Peace and Spiritual Development". Its name is shortened to "AUST ARPC."

It was formed to support the students and the staff of the university in deepening their understanding of Islam. In our pursuit to achieve success in this world, we forget the never-ending life of the hereafter. We forget about our ultimate destination and our true purpose. By arranging seminars and workshops we can remind ourselves about this inevitability and cause self-reflection. Knowledge of Haram (forbidden) and Halal (permissible) is greatly missing in our society and we aim to enlighten everyone about the outcomes of such. Finally, our target is to encourage members to lead ethical, moral, and conscientious lives, nurture their moral principles, and also develop their self-confidence by providing opportunities for talent exhibitions.

Two faculty members, Islamic preachers and scholars are always with AUST ARPC to supervise and suitably direct the club activities while making sure they don't violate university rules.

Recent Activities