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Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Date: 2023-08-28

AUST CSE Carnival Fall 2022

CEFALO AUST CSE Carnival Fall 2022 was organized by AUST CSE Society (CSES) and powered by Decipher 44 and Assembler 49. The event was sponsored by CEFALO. The week-long carnival was arranged from 31 July to 03 August, 2023 at AUST campus. The arrangements had a total of six segments - Chess Competition, Robo Soccer Challenge, Software Exhibition, Quiz Competition, Rubik’s Cube Competition and Programming Contest.

Students from the CSE department competed in the Chess Tournament. The tournament was played in the Swiss-system tournament format.

The top three (03) players are as follows: 1. Shafi (4.2, CSE, 190104045)

  1. Md. Shahid Hasan (4.2, CSE, 190104130)
  2. Sadik Rahman (1.2, CSE, 20220104104)

Robo Soccer Challenge took place on 01 August 2023 at AUST TT ground. A total of 16 teams registered for this tournament - 05 from Dept. of EEE, 03 from Dept. of MPE and 08 from Dept. of CSE. The final match was held between Team Robo Bot v3 (2.2, EEE) and Team BATELEUR (1.2, MPE). Team Robo Bot v3 from EEE dept. came out as the winner after a hard fought match. The members of the winning team were - Toki Tahmid, Sayeed Ahmed, Safayet and Hamim. Prof. Dr. Md. Shahriar Mahbub (President of CSES and Head, Dept. of CSE), Mr. Md. Khairul

Hasan (Associate  Professor) and other faculty members were present to enjoy this exciting match.

The Software Exhibition was held on 02 August 2023 at AUST TT Ground. A total of 12 teams - all from the CSE department registered for this exhibition. Respected faculty members and invited alumni served as judges for the softwares being showcased. Team AUST_BUDDY (3.2, CSE) was judged as champion for their android app named - AUST Buddy. The app is designed for the students of AUST where they can find their teachers’ details, course materials, share their materials, add bookmarks, create groups, post notices, get University updates and perform other basic functionalities. The team members were - Parvez Ahammed, Tabassum Tara Lamia and Sabbir Ahmed Salman (3rd Year 2nd Semester).

A quiz competition and Rubik’s cube competition was held on 31 July at CSE dept., AUST. Quiz competition was exclusively for the students of CSE dept. While the Rubik’s cube competition was open for all the students of AUST. Team “Bhugichugi” (3.2, CSE) consisting of Nafisa Binte Feroz, Humaira Mahmud and Jakwan Al Din won the quiz competition. Nazim Raian Khan (1.1, CSE) became the champion in the Rubik’s cube competition.


CEFALO Intra AUST Programming Contest Fall 2022 was organized as the last event of AUST CSE Carnival on 03 August 2023. The contest was inaugurated by the Managing Director of CEFFALO

- Mr. Ferdous Mahmud Shaon. The Head of Dept. of CSE - Prof. Dr. Md. Shahriar Mahbub along with respected faculty members of CSE dept. were present during the inauguration ceremony.

A total of 50 teams were selected for the main contest. The final contest was four hours long and the contestants had to solve twelve (12) problems during this time frame.

The final standings are as follows:

Programming Contest (Senior):
  1. Guts (3.1, CSE)
    • Apu Das (20200204108)
    • Mahmudul Haque (20200204006)
    • Tanvir Raiyan (20200204034)
  2. Crazy_bunch (2.1, CSE)
    • MD MASUDUR RAHMAN (20210204009)
    • Rajiun Salihan Nabi (20210204011)
    • Mehedi Hasan Shuvo (20210204008)
  3. Final_frontier (3.2, CSE)
    • Fatin Ishraq (20200104106)
    • Parvez Ahammed (20200104129)
    • Nafis Shahriar (20200104126)
Programming Contest (Junior):
  1. AUST_Code_Crusaders (1.2, CSE)
    • Hridoy Nandi (20220104019)
    • Asif A Khuda(20220104005)
    • Julker Nayeen Karim (20220104130)
  2. AUST_Null (1.2, CSE)
    • Zubaer Mahmud Shihab (20220104030)
    • Farhan Labib (20220104029)
    • Amirul Momin Utshaw (20220104042)
  3. 0 (1.2, CSE)
    • Samiul Bashar (20220104079)
    • Ismail AliF (20220104073)
    • Parbani Majumder Turna (20220104082)
  4. AUST_Decoders (1.1, CSE)
    • Pabak Dev (20220204005)
    • Abdur Rafy Bhuiyan (20220204023)
    • Al Amin (20220204014)