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Department of

Mechanical and Production Engineering

Lab Information

1. Machine Tools and Machining Lab
Machine Tools and Machining Lab

High Speed Lathe Machine

Universal Knee Type Milling Machine

Shaper Machine

Radial Arm Drilling Machine

Surface Grinding Machine

Automatic Power Hacksaw Machine

Drill Press Machine

Lathe Machine

Shaper Machine

CNC Vertical Milling Machine

Hot Press Machine

CNC Injection Molding Machine

Industrial Water Chiller

Foundry Lab

Welding Lab

TIG Welding Machine

MIG Welding Machine

AC Arc Welding Machine

Gas Cylinder (Oxygen, Acetylene and Argon) and Orbital Disc Cutter

2. Simulation Lab
Simulation Lab

3. Material Handling Lab
Material Handling Lab

Belt Conveyor

Bucket Conveyor

Apron Conveyor

Roller Conveyor

4. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Lab
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Lab

Industrial Control Work-Cell

5. Ergonomics, Measurement, Instrumentation and Control Lab
Ergonomics, Measurement, Instrumentation and Control Lab

Electro-pneumatic System

6. Sheet Metal Lab
Sheet Metal Lab

Bending Machine

Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

Pipe Bending Machine

Shearing Machine

7. Drawing Lab
Drawing Lab