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Computer Science and Engineering

Date: 2023-12-31

Two students of CSE department have been awarded Khondaker Ahmed Muktadir and Mosammat Khodeza Begum Scholarship (Fall 22 Semester)

Fariha Zahin (Student ID- 190204007) and Nishi Kanta Paul (Student ID- 190204072), two students of CSE Department have been awarded ‘Khondaker Ahmed Muktadir and Mosammat Khodeza Begum Scholarship’ in the Fall 2022 semester. This marks the inaugural awarding of the scholarship.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fazli Ilahi, Vice-Chancellor of AUST, warmly congratulated the awardees and handed over a cheque of BDT 15,000/- to each recipient in a brief scholarship ceremony held in the Vice-Chancellor's office at AUST. Prof. Dr. Md. Shahriar Mahbub, Head of CSE Department, Prof. Dr. Kazi A Kalpoma, Professor, Mr. Md. Moinul Hoque, Associate Professor, Mr. Faisal Muhammad Shah, Associate Professor and Mr. Md. Aminur Rahman, Assistant Professor, CSE Department, were also present in the ceremony. The participants collectively extended their congratulations to the scholarship recipients for their outstanding achievements.

It's worth mentioning that AUST has established a trust fund of Taka 10 lacs for the awarding of scholarships, known as the ‘Khondaker Ahmed Muktadir and Mosammat Khodeza Begum Scholarship,’ funded by a generous donation from Mr. Gaohar Ahmed. Every semester, two students from the 4th year 1st semester of the CSE department are selected for the scholarships based on merit, reflecting their academic performances up to the 3rd year 2nd semester.