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Date: 2020-05-19

Student of Architecture Department Jointly Took Second Place in ACAE Student Design Competition

Md. Iftekhar Rashid Rafat from 5th year 2nd semester, Department of Architecture ,Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology jointly took second place in ACAE Student Design Competition held on 25th April 2020 . Contextuality - Design Of A Bus Shelter For Your City. An initiative by ACAE (ARCASIA COMMITTEE ON ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION).Design activity for architectural students during locked down period due to Corona pandemic.

From context of your city you live in, you are to design a Bus shelter for your city. Bus shelter are very much part of urban life and they make our life convenient. Not only that they create a large impact on cityscape but also the ways our streets look. The Design exercise is to propose a type design to replace/construct all the Bus shelters best identical and suitable for your city.

In my design I wanted to highlight that, Dhaka is one of the most densely populated city in South East Asia. Bus transportation is very important in this busy city . But unfortunately we don’t have enough bus shelters in this town, so people try to get on the bus in the middle of the street.

I have tried to design a bus shelter that will not only be used for getting on the bus but also for the people and the helpless animals around. This type of shelter can be used both in dry and rainy season. Rain water harvesting, Green vegetation, Proper Sanitation, and a drinking facilities for poor animals will be provided here.

This is not only a Bus shelter but also a landscape design in city street.

The competition Jury members are Ar. Lalichan Zacharias India(IIA) , Vice President ARCASIA Zone A ,Ar.Saifuddin Bin Ahmad Malaysia(PAM) Vice President ARCASIA Zone B, Ar.Jonathan V Manald,Philipines(UAP) ACAE Representative

The 1st prize winner is Huimin Li from China and the third prize winners are Siddharth Waze and Saqib Abhishek from India.