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Date: 2018-01-14

Architecture Society of AUST distributed warm clothes among the distressed people

Despite the fact that the winter is welcomed by the people of Bangladesh, it brings a lot of sufferings to the people of underprivileged areas, especially in the northern part of the country. Life of the people, living in the slums and chars becomes the worst and many people in our country cannot afford to buy warm clothes for winter. Keeping this in mind, Architecture Society of AUST (ASA) took an initiative to reduce the sufferings of few of these people in this year. Inspired by the slogan The days are getting colder, have a warm heart, representatives of the society ran a campaign for two weeks among the students, staffs and faculty members of the department to donate clothes and/or any amount of money they could generously give for this noble cause.

After the collection period, the donated clothes were sorted and blankets were bought to distribute in the underprivileged area - Jaynagar. The village is situated in Sherpur thana of the nerve centre of Northern Bangladesh- Bogra district, where most of the people are living under the poverty line and suffer badly during winter every year. On the 29th of December, 2017, Vice-President of the society, Shakawat Hossain Rafi (5th year student) along with three students: Shajuti Sayed, Mosleh Uddin Rakib, Arnab Banik of Architecture Department went to Jaynagar for distributing the clothes. Members of ASA distributed blankets and clothes among 120 families and some orphanage members at Nur-Ala Nur Hafizia Qawmi Madrasa in that village. The local governing body helped the students during distribution of the clothes.

This attempt might not alleviate all their problems, but may decrease their sufferings to a little extent. Chairman of the village, Mr. Abu Sayed highly appreciated the initiative of the ASA and urged the well off sections of the society and different socio-economic organizations of the country to stand beside the cold affected people with the mentality to distribute warm clothes to them as social responsibility.

The Architecture Society of AUST is thankful to the associates involved with this attempt and is committed to participate in the welfare for the betterment of the society