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Date: 2017-12-19

The Department of Architecture organized a seminar on 'Sustainable Design from Theory to Practice'

Minimization of energy consumption has become a primary concern today in every aspect of human civilization. Building and building related industry is the largest source of energy consumption in 21st century world. Sustainable Design is, therefore, the most contemporary trend in design and architecture universally. Focusing on the sustainable design strategies in architecture, Ar. Shafique Rahman presented an array of his designed projects in the seminar recently organized by the Seminar and Workshop Organizing Committee of The Department of Architecture of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. The seminar on "Sustainable Design from Theory to Practice", takes place on December 10th, 2017 at the Seminar Hall of the AUST Campus.

The speaker Ar. Shafique Rahman is a full time faculty member at the Department of Architecture, AUST. He studied Masters in Design Science (M. Des. Sc) in a major to Sustainable Design at the University of Sydney, Australia. During his study he carried out research on various sustainable design strategies. Upon completion of his Masters degree in Sustainable Design, he had the opportunity to work with a number of projects in Bangladesh and overseas. In these practicing projects, Ar. Shafique implemented various sustainable design strategies to promote energy efficient and environment responsive Architecture. In the lecture he depicted the process of design from theory to practice for sustainable build environment.

The seminar sparked discussion among the notable faculty members from the Department of Architecture, AUST and participants from a few other universities. Professor Dr. M.A. Muktadir talked on his views of design strategies relating to Sustainable Design. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Ara Begum, head of the Department of Architecture, AUST appreciated the initiative of Seminar and Workshop Organizing Committee to arrange series of seminars and she encouraged the speaker in her inspiring concluding speech. The seminar believed to be encouraging for the student participants to integrate design ideas in their academic studio projects. The seminar was moderated by Prof. Dr. Shehzad Zahir and supported by the committee members, Ar. Jayedi Aman, Ar. Tanzila Samad Chowdhury, Ar. Seikh Rishad Ahmmad and Ar. Ishrat Momtaz Badhan.