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ICT Center

ICT Center

Inaugurated in 2019, the ICT Center is one of the decisive departments of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST). The fundamental objective of this department is to develop, promote, and provide ICT-related services to the entire university. After the foundation of the ICT center, it has been relentlessly providing support to the students, faculty members, and officers of the different administrative and academic departments of AUST. The ICT center ensures the university to be connected by optical fiber with high-speed internet 24/7. Services of ICT center are ranges from providing internet, email, maintenance, and storage facilities to maintaining the university development of the university website’s, software for each administrative department, result processing, student information, and other related activities. The ICT center is equipped with a highly secured Datacenter to provide service to the software and network division. Besides, any software requirements related to the university management are developed and maintained by the dedicated experts under the supervision of the director of ICT. The highly qualified ICT officials always remain in a continuous quest to keep pace with the rapid development in IT, maintaining the demand of the world market by introducing new schemes of studies. This is an overview of our aims and activities. Moreover, the ICT Center plays a pivotal role in the management of automation-related activities of this university. Various student information-related activities, including automated admissions management, online payments through selected banks, finance and accounts management, HR management activities are automated for the convenience of both students and administration. As the Center works for ICT solutions of the university, we are advocates towards the productive and efficient use of ICT as well as adapting cutting-edge technologies for the attainment of the Mission and Vision of the University.

ICT Personnel

Prof. Dr. Kazi A Kalpoma

Software Division

IT Consultant
Mr. Ifta Khirul
Sr. Software Engineer
Mst. Evana Yasmin
Software Engineer
Mr. Md. Minhaz Ur Rahman
Web Developer/Administrator
Mr. A. M. Reasad Azim Bappy
Susmoy Chakraborty
Software Engineer (Intern)
Mr. Susmoy Chakraborty
Abdullah Al Momen
Software Engineer (Intern)
Abdullah Al Momen
Abdullah Al Momen
Software Engineer (Intern)
Partha Kumar Bagchi

Hardware and Network Division

Assistant Director (Hardware & Network)
Mr. Mohammad Shahinur Rashid
Manager (Hardware & Network)
Mr. Mohd. Sahariar Rahman Apu
Assistant ICT Officer
Mr. Mohammad Hasan Ali
Network Assistant
Mr. Esharat Mia
Network Assistant
Mr. Md. Sultan Alauddin
Technician (Hardware & Network)
Mr. Md. Habibur Rahman