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Lab Facilities

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 The AUST is gradually developing its required laboratories. It has already

 established the following laboratories:



Ten computer labs

Digital lab

Three Electrical labs

Electronics lab

Physics lab

Chemistry lab

Environmental engineering lab

Electrical machine lab

Microwave lab

Soil mechanics lab

Transportation lab

Control lab

Communication lab

Switch gear lab

Project lab

Photographic lab

Textile testing and quality control


Wet processing lab and






Under an agreement with the Ministry of

Education, Government of

the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the

Ahsanullah University of Science and

Technology has been allowed to use the

laboratories and workshops of Technical

Teachers’ Training College, Tejgaon,

Dhaka for conducting some of the

practical classes of the students of the



            Some of the sessional courses of the Textile Technology program will be taught at Jute & Textile Product Development Center (BJRI), BTMC and some other private textile mills, factories and commercial laboratories.



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